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Ondastop alimentatori automatici d'aria Amisjet impianti antincendio UNI 12845 impianti di pressurizzazione acqua accessori idraulici ed elettrici
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ONDASTOP full bore check valves with rubber diaphragm offer silent operation through low pressure drops and water hammer prevention, appropriate for liquids generally.


The Turin-based company A.M.I.S. produces also AMISJET automatic air feeders for generating and maintaining air cushions in autoclave pressure systems.


The Turinese company A.M.I.S. produces pressurised water systems for public and industrial use controlled by pressure switches and single/multi-pump inverters.


The A.M.I.S. range includes also AMISFIRE water pressurisation units for fire extinguishing systems. These systems are compliant with the UNI EN12845 standard of reference.

Water treatment

Provision of depuration systems and plants for wastewater for civilian applications, capacity equivalent to 50 residential users.


We are specialised in the supply of a vast range of electrical accessories.



The product range of Turin-based company A.M.I.S. includes also autoclave pressure systems in galvanised metal and in stainless steel.


Electric pumps for moving liquids of different types are frequently used in applications for draining septic tanks.